World Economic Forum 2020

The last Trump Show?

50 years World Economic Forum - Klaus Schwab's lifetime Achievement celebrated its 50th anniversary in the Swiss spa town of Davos. Every year the world high ranking politicians and Business Leaders meet in the middle of the Swiss Alps. The current conflict areas, protectionism and the shifting global balance of power give a lot of room for discussions, this year s main focus was the climate change and its threat to the world. The president of the United States of America, Donald Trump caused a scandal with his self-praise and arrogance appearance at this year's Meeting. Like every year, the WEF caused a rush to the Airports of Zurich, Dübendorf, Altenrhein, and Friedrichshafen. With a total of 1200 flight movements, less than in the previous year, these nearly reached their limits. The Air Force One (VC-25, 92-9000) and the second identical VC-25 Spare Aircraft alias SAM45 caused additional security efforts for the Zurich Airport. Due to the foggy weather, Trump had to go back to Zurich by road instead of the usual White Hawk helicopter trans fare. On Wednesday, this caused around 4 hours Delay of the Departure. In addition to the governmental Aircraft s, a considerable number of private jets were also represented, the majority being Bombardier Global 5000/6000 and Gulfstream G550 / G650 (ER). Also, The offered helicopter shuttle was eagerly used. With a time saving of 1.5 hours, this is a good alternative to a two-hour drive by car. The climate debate did not stop at Zurich Airport either, Business jet operators were able to fill up with a contingent of bio-fuel, the pre-planned Biofuel contingent was used completely. For Plane spotters and visitors the visitor terrace at Zurich Airport was opened this year, during the arrival and departure of Air Force One and also The apron tours were also well attended. The US presidential election in November will decide whether Donald Trump will be back next year.


This years Highlights where:

Boeing VC-25 (92-9000 und 82-8000)

Dassault Falcon 7X  FAE-025   Ecuador government

Bombardier Global 6000  N117TF  ocean livery

Gulfstream G-IV  RA-10201


Flughafen Zürich

Flughafen Altenrhein

Flughafen Friedrichshafen

Text: Peter Stierhof, Robin Manhart (ENG) Fotos: Peter Stierhof, Robin Manhart